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YO SSK B does it again Thank you Knitting
YO, SSK B. does it again! Thank you!
I still wind up with gaping yo holes. I worked more on this today and please see the photo I've attached.
aka Laterial braid, aka Estonian Vikkel braid Working a horizontal braid creates a line of horizontally-aligned knit stitches. You can do single or ...
Quick demonstration of what PSSO does / means.
p1 yo ssk movie.wmv
SSK - Slip, Slip, Knit with Liat Gat
How to Do a Yarn Over | Knitting
Knit Purl Hunter Video Lesson: Cables Without a Cable Needle
How to Add Knitting Stitches Seamlessly
Knit Tips: Basic Lattice Knitting Part 2
Knitted in a multiple of 8, + 4 sts and 12-row repeat. Row 1: K2, * yo, k1-b, yo, ssk, k5; repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2.
Image titled Ssk_1.JPG
Yarn Over 101
In this DROPS video we show how you can sew duplicate stitches. If a pattern calls for many different colors, some can be sewn on afterward using duplicate ...
Learn how to make a slip, slip knit (ssk) decrease with Red Heart Yarns
Yarn Forward (YFWD) - Deramores Knitting Tutorial - YouTube
A Neater Way To ssk // Traditional ssk
Non-knitters probably don't notice anything about it, but knitters may notice the pattern is symmetrical. Not a big deal, you might think. Think again!
Why not use short-rows to make the scarf flare out for the hood and then narrow again afterward?
How to Do a Double Yarn Over | Knitting
With yarn in front, slip the purled stitch back to Left Needle.
SSK knitting or slip slip knit is an easy way to decrease the number of stitches on your needle.
How to: Slip. Slip. Knit. (ssk)
Knitting: Peek-a-Bead Scarf DEFINITELY knitting this at some point! Loom
A Knitter's Guide To: Fixing Common Mistakes in Lace Knitting
Botany Shawl by TIn Can Knits
Row 1: yo, (ssk, k2tog, double yo) across, end with ssk, k2tog, cast-on 1 {replaces a yo}. Row 2: p1, (p2, [k1, p1] in double yo) across, end with p2, ...
If you were at Yarndale this year, you might have seen me wearing a new shawl that I hadn't got round to writing the pattern up for ... well, now I have!
Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern
Slip Slip Knit (ssk)
Grandmother's Diagonal Lace Knitting Pattern
Scarab is really the same as Apple Blossom except for layout: it's just offset on alternate repeats. Thanks to my Twitter ...
How to make a double yarnover - FREE tutorial on LoveKnitting
Grandmother's Diagonal Lace Knitting Pattern
Back-to-school is in session which means teacher gifts are in the near future! Here is a fun pattern to knit for those awesome teachers who give so much to ...
Free pattern ♥up to 5000 FREE patterns to knit ♥: http://
Sssk= Slip next 3 stitches knitwise one at a time. Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together.
p1, p1-b in double yo
Princess Kate Shopping Shawl pattern by MaryAnn Designs
These lacy baby hats are simple but look complicated. The one on the left is fan lace and the one on the right is tiffany lace.
Blossom: a free lace knitting stitch pattern
Cozy Scarf and Hat for a Cold Winter
5 Best Tips for Knitting Stripes with Video Tutorial
DSC_0333.JPG5504x3096 4.48 MB
Decreasing Stitches: The Difference Between ssk and k2tog
The dreaded double yarnover - LoveKnitting blog
GARTER STITCH ON CIRCULAR NEEDLE - YouTube Tried several methods for a fairly jogless garter stitch in the round for baby fine yarn and this one wo…
English Rib / Fisherman's Rib Knitting Stitch Variation (Slip 1 as if to Purl, K YO tog)
Purl 2 Together Through Back Loop (p2tog tbl) or Slip Slip Purl (ssp) | Purl Soho
The dreaded double yarnover - LoveKnitting blog
Yarn Over (yo)
KFB Knit Front & Back - Increases: Knitting Lessons for Beginners
Try the K2tog-L, the only left leaning decrease you'll ever need.
Knitting Chart Repeats
Woodland Wrap - free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
How to Read a Colourwork Chart
The dreaded double yarnover - LoveKnitting blog
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Heart Lace Cloth
Demystifying the Structure of Lace, for Function and Adornment
... yarn B at each end of the scarf, each fringe made from 8 pieces of thread each 45 cm long (ending 16 in number and about 22 cm long after trimming).
Picking up a dropped YO, two rows down (knitting)
... work *yo, slip 1 stitch knitwise, knit 2 stitches and pass slipped stitch over them*, repeat 15 times, (45 stitches), join yarn B, work **yo, ssk** ...
The dreaded double yarnover - LoveKnitting blog
Insert the left needle from front to back below the bottom running thread and lift both running threads onto the needle. The top thread should lie to the ...
Scrap Bin Stockings | #Knit modern #Christmas stockings using the yarn from your stash
Yarn Over After a Knit Stitch And Before A Purl Stitch
Lever Action Knitting. A rather cool way to knit - motion is minimized resulting in
A Neater Way To ssk // Trick Two
A pink knitted object resembling a ladle
I've had a few requests to share the pattern I unvented for this baby sweater. It is, as I said, heavily inspired by this Drops pattern, but worked top-down ...
A Proper Cocoknits Neckline // Initial neckline bind-off – step 3
Substituting German Short-Rows for Wrap-and-Turn Short-Rows
... in lace allows you to manipulate the direction of your colorwork to create bold and unusual effects. Learn the techniques for combining these two skills ...
Use the left needle to lift the running thread from front to back (Photo 3) to emulate the yarnover, then return all the slipped stitches to the right ...
K2tog-tbl (Knit Two Together Through the Back Loop)
How to Read a Colourwork Chart
How To Knit Short Rows
K3, YO, K2TOGtbl {K1, long loop stitch eight times, K1, SSK(front), YO, K3, YO,SSK(back)}x2 - this is full shell pattern and for ...